A special thank you to Invoke Media Group for launching our our new Breaking the Ice podcast website!

Former WAAF Hosts Have Landed a New Home

Having abruptly been booted off the air by the Christians, former WAAF hosts banded together to launch a Radio Rehab! What started as a knee-jerk reaction to being kicked in the nuts, has transformed into Breaking the Ice Podcast. Believe it or not, we are now an actual business entity consisting of three insane individuals, a really cool website to house our hilarious podcast, and some pretty unique merchandise.

Nicole Tongue
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She is a digital NINJA!

A long time friend of Isaiah’s, Nicole Tongue, owner of Invoke Media, offered her services to construct a website for our fans to follow our shenanigans under one roof. As a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialist, (for those, like me who had no idea what that is), our website was developed for search engine ranking, complete with Google’s tracking ID. This apparently means we will be able to measure how often our fans actually listen to our podcasts or visit our website pages. Having access to this information will let us know what topics were of interest and which were not. Feel free to contact us with requests too, by the way. 

She is really good at selecting photos define our topics of discussion!

Imagine trying to extract an image to convey what the hell we are even talking about! Yep, that was part of the task at hand. We personally think Nicole handled it like a Rockstar! Speaking of Rockstars, we are always intersted in signing new “talent”, (aka sponsors). You can check out Nicole’s crafty talents there too by downloading our sponsor package.

We are grateful for the end product and we hope our fans will appreciate the content here too!