2020: The Year That Shat Itself At It’s Kids Birthday Party At The American Girl Doll Store

2020 will now also be known as the year that gave us what should be every chicken’s right.

The right to bear arms.

Yes. I just wrote that. I blame the Gorilla Glue 4. But seriously, this is what the world needs right now. This year has been so stunningly insane that this seems rather pedestrian.

And think about how the chickens will feel! Strutting around with ripped arms and Tiny baby hands. That is not weird at all. Think of the industries this will spawn! Tiny jewelry for those creepy little hands. Tiny fucking bracelets and rings. Also, this opens up a whole new sector for tattoo artists! A tiny little tattoo on that fat creepy arm of Colonel Sanders with Devil horns and glowing eyes. And you’ll finally be able to say out loud, “That cock is so big it has arms!”

I know, I know, shut up and take my money! Ok,ok! You can pursue them here.

Look at this chicken. There’s a sense of pride in those guns. And a proud chicken is a delicious chicken!