You could say we have a Neil Young problem. Yes, that would be accurate. The Long May You Young Podcast is the ONLY podcast that explores Mr. Young’s musical catalog one album at a time, in order of release. In each episode, myself and Luke and Russ Condon from the band Town Meeting rant on about what we love and hate, what we’re mystified by, and what the hell was Neil thinking! In each episode we also list our top three songs from the featured album and what song we would cut. Not as easy as it sounds(sometimes).

The one thing we can all agree on: Neil Young is, using his words about his late friend Bruce Berry, “as real as the day is long” That’s why we love him. That’s why we always say, “Fuckin’ Neil, man.”

If you are a Neilhead or just getting into him this podcast is sure to confuse and infuriate. It might also be funny at times. Give it a listen and let us know.

While we’re at it, listen to Town Meeting’s latest album too! It’s called Make Things Better. If you like Neil Young, Old Crow Medicine Show, or Avett Brothers then you might enjoy these guys. They’re from Ayer, Mass and they’re awesome! Listen to “The Fourth Verse” and if you’re not crying by the end you are a souless robot: